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	Two morticians alternated in sharing the responsibility of covering 
the night shift. One early morning about 3:00 am, a body was brought into the 
mortuary, and the mortician began work.  When he had unclothed the corpse, he 
noticed a cork in the anus. Removing it, the strains of "Hello, Dolly, well, 
hello, Dolly...!" were plainly heard being sung.  He put the cork back, and 
the singing stopped. Pulling it out again, the same song started, "You're 
lookin' swell, Dolly!".  Amazed, he telephoned his partner, and insisted he 
come immediately to see something very unusual. Roused from sleep, the partner
asked if it could wait until morning. It took great persistence, but finally 
the partner agreed to dress and come down to the shop.  When he got there, he 
said, "Now what was it that was so important you had to get me out of bed at 
this ungodly hour?" 
	The man said, "Come into the embalming room."
	They go into the embalming room, and the first partner says, "Now 
	He pulls out the cork, and the anus takes off singing again. The
partner looks at him disgustedly and says:  "You brought me down here at
three in the morning just to hear some asshole sing Hello Dolly"?