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The Church Of Bacon
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When ev'rybody's tryin' to sleep,
I'm somewhere makin' my midnight creep.		Chorus:
In the mornin' the rooster crow,	I am a back door man,
Somethin' tells me I got to go.		I am a back door man,
					Well, the men don't know,
They take me to the doctor,		But the little girls understand.
	shot full of holes,
Nurse try to save a soul.
Killed her for murder first degree,
Judge what tried let the man go free.

Stand up, cop's wife cried, don't take him down,
Rather be dead six feet in the ground.
When you come home, you can eat pork and beans,
I eats more chicken than any man's seen.
		-- Willie Dixon, "Backdoor Man", 1961