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	A man walks into a bar and says: "I'd like a shot of twelve-year-old 
Scotch".  The bartender, who figures the guy is just being obnoxious, reaches 
down under the bar and pours him a shot of bar Scotch.  The man takes one sip
and says: "Hey, bartender, I asked you for some twelve-year-old Scotch -- this
is eight-year-old Scotch."
	The bartender reaches behind the bar for the twelve-year-old Scotch,
pours a shot, hands it to the man and says "I've got to hand it to you --
most guys who come in here asking for twelve-year-old Scotch have never even 
had it -- they're just being pricks.  But you really know your Scotch -- this
is on the house."
	A drunk has been sitting at the other end of the bar watching this
conversation.  He walks up to the man, hands him a glass and says "Taste this."
The man does -- and spits it out yelling, "This tastes like piss!"  To which
the drunk replies, "It is -- but how old am I?"