Bacon 1:1-16
    1.) Before there was anything, there was bacon.   2.) Bacon thought this was pretty boring.  3.) So, Bacon said "Let there be stuff.", and there was stuff.  4.) Now this wasn't as boring as it had been, but it was still pretty boring.  5.) Bacon wanted stuff that moved, so Bacon said "Let there be stuff that moves."  6.) This was also less boring, but Bacon was still unsatisfied.  7.) Bacon thought, "Yeah, they move, but they're stupid.  They just run around and make noises and grunt at each other."  8.) So Bacon said "Beetleguese, Beetleguese, Beetleguese!"   9.) Well, this made things more exciting, but after a while it lost it's fun, it just got to be stupid.  10.) So, Bacon said "Enough of this, Go Away!!!", and Beetleguese was gone.  11.) This still left things in there previous somewhat dull state.  12.) So Bacon decided to gove it another try.  13.) Bacon said, "Well, how about some people, that ought to be amusing."  14.) Well, in a flash and a poof, there were people, and they provided Bacon with amusement.  15.)Bacon decided that this would work, and so Bacon left them be.  16.)So bacon said, "Well, that's how it happened."